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Stage 4

Burbank, CA

Ideal for Episodic Television, TV Movies, Situational Comedy, and Feature Predubbing

Stage 4 is a great mid-sized room used on XO Kitty, Sons of Anarchy, and Fresh Off The Boat, among many additional TV Movies, episodic, and feature films. The room translates between our larger rooms seamlessly and can comfortably accommodate a backfield of 8+.

Physical Space:

35' Deep x 20' Wide

Additional Info:

  • (2) 2 AVID ICON D-Command 24 faders

  • Full digital theatrical re-recording/mixing

  • 14' x 8' Stewart Film Screen

  • Epson 3 LCD (1080p)

  • Dolby ATMOS certified for Home theatre

  • Dolby ATMOS/7.1/5.1/Dolby Stereo formats

  • JBL 3-way LCR monitors

  • JBL LSR-6300 Surround Speakers

  • Yamaha HS-50 (Nearfields)

  • Secure and convenient NAS edit, playback and record

  • ProTools HDX playback and record

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