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Our Health and Safety Policy

SAG-AFTRA Logos for Approved Recording Studio  Smaert Post Sound

In becoming the first SAG-AFTRA approved recording studios in Los Angeles, Smart Post Sound prioritizes fostering healthy work environments. To ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of our clients and our teams, we strictly adhere to the latest US and State Government guidelines.


Effective January 1st, 2023, face masks and Covid testing are no longer mandatory for guests and/or staff, unless production specifies otherwise—making them optional.

Smart Post Sound continues its commitment to stringent cleaning and sanitization protocols, as outlined by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. We provide KN95 and Disposable Masks, along with multiple hand sanitizer stations conveniently located throughout the facility. Our dedicated HVAC systems boast MERV filtration ratings of 13, supplemented by dedicated air filtration units in common areas, mix stages, and recording spaces.

We kindly request that clients and staff refrain from visiting the studio if they exhibit any signs of illness or have any cold/flu-like symptoms.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment & Studio Capacity

The maximum occupancy for our stages has been set to ensure that our sound teams, staff, and clients can comfortably interact with one another.

​Burbank, CA - Mix stages​

  • Stage 1 maximum occupancy: 6 people

  • Stage 2 maximum occupancy: 4 people

  • Stage 3 maximum occupancy: 10 people

  • Stage 4 maximum occupancy: 16 people

  • Stage 5 maximum occupancy: 24 people

  • Stage 8 maximum occupancy: 12 people

  • Stage 9 maximum occupancy: 14 people

  • Stage 10 maximum occupancy: 14 people

  • Stage 11 maximum occupancy: 24 people

​Burbank, CA - ADR Control Rooms​

  • ADR 1 Control Room maximum occupancy: 10 people

  • ADR 2 Control Room maximum occupancy: 8 people

  • ADR 3 Control Room maximum occupancy: 8 people

Santa Monica, CA - Smart Post West

  • Stage A maximum occupancy: 64 people

  • Stage B maximum occupancy: 18 people

  • Stage C maximum occupancy: 14 people

  • Stage D maximum occupancy: 8 people

  • SPW ADR Control Room maximum occupancy: 8 people

  • SPW Mastering maximum occupancy: 4 people

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