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For top-notch post-production sound, there’s no better choice than Smart Post Sound. We work with the best sound artists in the industry to provide you with innovative and creative solutions to your audio needs. Partner with us to create a sonic landscape that truly brings your project to life.

Sound Design and Editorial

Great soundtracks don’t happen by accident. Our award-winning teams meticulously search for sounds, record custom effects and ambiences, select the best, and design the rest. Just wait until you see your project transformed by our professional audio experts!


For those who think 'Foley' means all the sound in the movie, you’re wrong. Of course, foley artists have been known to create car crashes on the foley stage, so they’re the ones creating all the confusion. Confused or not, our foley artists in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Atlanta are confusing…I mean amazing.

Remote Playback

Smart Post Remote+ offers remote playback of mixes – both sending and receiving – enabling users to listen to audio content from any location: office, home, Starbucks™, or wherever you may be. We've even set up monitoring spaces in our clients' homes. With the ability to control and experience sound playbacks from virtually anywhere, including on a plane, it provides flexibility and convenience. Whether monitoring a session, reviewing fixes, or giving notes, remote playback offers seamless access without the need for physical proximity to the sound team – or any unwelcome breath.

Re-recording Mixing

Is the music too loud? Is the dialogue too soft? These and many other important questions – like where did these delicious muffins come from? – will be answered during the final mix. The sessions can occur wherever you are: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Atlanta, Vancouver, and New York City. With over a dozen mix stages, accessible from anywhere you need.

Mastering and Deliverables

They don’t call it a 'Master' for nothing. We take the beautiful mixes created on our fabulous re-recording stages, and we turn it into a MASTER, as in masterpiece. After all, if they keep kicking it back, did you really deliver it? Once we master your mix, QC engineers will watch your track on a scope with tears streaming down their cheeks. We think it’s weird, but it’s also beautiful in the world of deliverables.

Complete Sound Packages

From editing and sound design that'll have your ears dancing the salsa, to effects that'll bounce around like popcorn in Dolby Atmos, and dialogue editing so buttery smooth, it'll make you want to cuddle your speakers. Our teams of audio magicians will sprinkle some serious magic on your project, transforming it into a dazzling masterpiece. So kick back, grab your popcorn, and get ready for a sound spectacle like no other – it's gonna be a wild ride you won't want to miss!

ADR and Voiceover Recording

Whoever said 'The only good actor is a loud actor' wasn’t just whistling 'Dixie.' But with eight beautiful ADR stages, actors might speak softly on purpose just so they get to visit them all. And now with Smart Post Remote+, Zoom, Skype, and/or Source Connect, you can even have a blast interacting with them remotely, even if you're chilling in your PJs with a tub of ice cream. How cool is that?

Worldwide Scheduling

No, we don’t schedule our facilities in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Vancouver from locations around the world. We schedule the world from Burbank and we pledge to get your project onto the very best stage, anywhere in the world, on your preferred dates.

Speech-to-speech and

Text-to-speech Audio

Voice cloning, S2S or Speech-to-Speech, transfers one person's voice onto another's, while TTS (Text-to-Speech) uses text input to create speech with a trained voice model. We understand this new technology can be intimidating, but we ensure our methods are responsible, ethical, and comply with all union and legal regulations. As the first studio to partner with Google, we guarantee that no voices are trained or uploaded to any cloud services. All rendering is completed in-house and used only with the approval of all parties involved.

Edit Mix Services
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