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Founded in 2005, Smart Post Sound, Inc. had been an idea waiting for a reason for a very long time. The growth of corporate post-production companies provided that reason and SPS was born. We were built on a philosophy of customer service and high quality at a reasonable price.


Today, SPS employs a staff of 100 award winning sound artists. Our footprint in the US and Canada is more than 70,000 square feet, offering 14 mix stages, 8 ADR stages, and fifty offices and cutting rooms for rent to clients or use by staff. The company averages 500 hours of complete sound packages each year, plus deliverables on most of those projects. We currently have earned more Emmys, Golden Reels, CAS awards, and other recognition for quality than any competitor, and our clients include Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, CBS, NBC, Netflix, Amazon, and dozens of independent production companies around the globe. In 2015 we launched Smart Post West, in Santa Monica, California. It is the “jewel in the crown” of SPS, housing our largest feature film stage, our largest Atmos Stage.


For the last decade, Smart Post Sound has been expanding to offer a global post solution, and become a presence in regions that offer generous tax credits to the motion picture business.  

Smart Post Atlanta was added in 2019, and we acquired Post Modern Sound, Canada in 2022.

Both companies are important components of our Remote Plus collaborative workflow tool. It allows clients to take advantage of tax credits while reviewing mixes or ADR in real time anywhere in the world.


Smart Post Sound is a global partner to dozens of post-production sound companies around the world. For thirty years, we have developed and refined the most innovative, client-friendly protocol for creating soundtracks, either in-person, or remotely. As the world evolves, we believe that this is the most creative, cost-effective post sound solution in the world.

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