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Smart Post Atlanta Stage B

Atlanta, GA

Ideal for mixing and recording ADR, Voiceover, Loop Group, in Dolby 5.1, Stereo, Monitoring and Review

Stage B is the quintessential television and ADR stage. Designed by Baldwin and Clark, it is loaded with all of the modern essentials, including 5.1 surround, this stage is amongst the finest of its kind. Audio B offers our clients the best of both worlds with spacious client viewing and a smaller more intimate mixing environment. Audio B looks into the other side of the large tracking room, and also has access to the smaller recording booth.

Physical Space:

17' Deep x 16' Wide

Additional Info:

  • 256 Audio Voices

  • 5.1 Audio Monitoring

  • 8 Avid Mic Pres

  • Source Connect Pro X - ID: spa_b

  • Session Link Pro, Zoom, and Skype connectivity

  • Ediprompt and Edicue

  • Numerous plug-ins

  • D-Control Surface

  • Genelec Monitoring

  • Seating for 5

  • Sound Supervisor and Editorial Work Areas

  • (2) Focusrite ISA 110 Mic Pre/EQ

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