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Stage 5

Burbank, CA

Ideal for Feature Films, Episodic Television, and Special Venue projects

Stage 5 is one of our most adaptable stages, is capable of accommodating a diverse range of feature films and television projects and can easily seat 12+ people comfortably.

Physical Space:

40' Deep x 25' Wide

Additional Info:

  • (2) 2 AVID ICON D-Command 24 faders

  • Full digital theatrical re-recording/mixing

  • Dolby ATMOS/7.1/5.1/Dolby Stereo

  • JBL 3-way LCR Main monitors

  • JBL surround speakers

  • Dolby ATMOS certified for Home theatre

  • Dolby ATMOS/7.1/5.1/Dolby Stereo formats

  • Secure and convenient NAS edit, playback and record

  • ProTools HDX playback and record

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